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Inclusive Technology Consulting

Bocoup's company logo, which is a hand illustrated rooster in red, yellow and brown, with purplish hues in the brown. The illustration was made by the Boston based artist Billy Nunez in 2009. The rooster's name is Bob.
We partner with tech companies and nonprofits to increase accessibility, inclusion, and justice on and through the web.
We are a team of product and standards developers working with partners on engineering, design, and organizational strategy projects that align with our mission and values. We are committed to making tech spaces safer for marginalized people in our projects and on our team. Read the Code of Conduct which governs our work.

Recent Projects

Our recent projects include engineering for Scratch (the beginner-friendly programming language), web standards for assistive technologies like screen-readers, and eviction defense tools for tenants in Los Angeles County.

a screenshot of the dashboard with a map of boston the text reads: "Others find it difficult to afford broadband services, often cutting their budget for groceries, medication, or other essentials in order to afford internet service or even just a smartphone data plan. Map shows an affordability index for each census tract. Blue tracts are below the state mean (more affordable), and purple tracts are above the state mean (less affordable). The higher the score the bigger the affordability gap, which highlights the need for broadband affordability resources. Far below state mean Below state mean Above state mean Far above state mean No data at this time

We were tapped by an international advising and consulting company that specializes in economic development projects across the world to help create a tool that would support US states in planning for Digital Equity.

Learn Moreabout Digital Equity Data Visualization
Ilustration of a woman seen from behind while she opens a safe's door that reads 'finance'. The safe gas other doors for photos, files, social, personal and other.

We worked with Consumer Reports to empower consumers to exercise their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act by automating their enrollment in Consumer Report’s authorized agent program

Learn Moreabout Enrollment Automation
image with 7 boxes representing audio processors connecting a separate box representing the audio destination

We worked with the Google Chrome team to develop the latest version of the Web Audio DevTools Inspector. A Chrome extension that visualizes the audio graph in a web page for inspection and debugging web audio implementations.

Learn Moreabout Chrome DevTools Web Audio Inspector
a white mask on a red seat, the AJL logo is in the background

We partnered with the Algorithmic Justice League and a community of advocacy and legal aid organizations to co-design a prototype and long-term roadmap for an algorithmic harms reporting tool.

Learn Moreabout Co-Designing a Prototype and Long-Term Roadmap
Woman rising a sign that reads En la unión está la fuerza (Strentgh is within unity)

We partnered with the Debt Collective, Los Angeles Tenants Union, and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project on an eviction defense software for tenants in Los Angeles.

Learn Moreabout Eviction Defense
An illustration of a computer where a test is being performed

We built an app to manage manual testing of ARIA accessibility patterns rendered in assistive technologies (like screen-readers) and browsers: ARIA-AT interoperability testing and ARIA-AT App

Learn Moreabout ARIA-AT

Recent from the Blog

Mar 05 2024

Free Prototype Program

Bocoup is trying something new! We’re launching an opportunity to build a free prototype for you or your organization. We want to ensure that funding is not a barrier to entry to get new ideas out into the world, and we believe prototypes can open doors. Application Information Application link: Application deadline: Rolling until […]

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Free Prototype Program
Feb 22 2024

Announcing updates to p5.js

A fresh upgrade to p5.js We’re excited to announce our work with p5.js to set the tech stack and rebuild their incredible website, supported by The Processing Foundation. The Processing Foundation is a rad organization that has helped folks in the visual arts improve their software literacy for over a decade. p5.js is an open-source […]

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Announcing updates to p5.js
Feb 07 2024

ARIA Automation Launch

Automation is likely never going to go out of style. As a people, we’re constantly looking for ways to automate our lives and work in order to make the systems we rely on more efficient and reliable, and the ARIA-AT app is no different. We’ve added automation to the ARIA-AT App allowing test administrators to […]

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ARIA Automation Launch

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